Employee Self Service

Mitrefinch’s employee self-service system allows you to monitor employee attendance and working time while giving on-site and remote workers the flexibility to request leaves and check absence history. By automating administrative tasks, the system frees up time and removes the hassle of manually recording absences across teams and departments.

The system allows clockings to be captured across a range of technologies and devices, including desktops, mobile, intranet, PDA/XDA, biometrics terminal, proximity fob and swipe card technologies.

Works in connected and disconnected modes

Though the system is designed for convenient web functionality, it can also be used in a disconnected mode where network or mobile signal is unavailable. This feature is especially helpful in monitoring employees working from remote areas or different time zones.

Job costing and GPS integration

You can integrate job costing into the system to track projects and employee activity in real-time from any location. Expand control over project costs, eliminate manual entry, and increase productivity. You also have the option of integrating GPS technology and Microsoft® MapPoint® to view the exact location of workers when they clock-in.

Empowers employees to take ownership of their work and plan time-off judiciously

Employees can easily access their attendance information and history from their desktops or mobile devices. They can also request leaves and changes in shifts and work records with the confidence that they will be read by supervisors. Unlike missed emails and legitimate emails mistakenly sent to spam, the system provides assurance that requests and communication will be received and seen. By enabling seamless digital communication, the system saves the time otherwise spent on sifting through emails or having face-to-face conversations on unscheduled absence.

Supervisors retain full control

Supervisors administer the module over the internet or company intranet. The system offers user-friendly functionality for leave absence approvals, modifications and planning, work planning, skills research and reporting.

Useful analytics aids decision-making

Mitrefinch’s employee self-service system help with scenario planning to stay prepared for future changes. A comprehensive reporting and graphic module gives you a top-level view of attendance, schedules and working time, so you can forecast workloads, budget and resources with great accuracy.

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