Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometric time and attendance systems work by measuring features of the body that are unique to each person.  Mitrefinch Biometric technologies scan a digital representation of an employee and then stores its unique template - so employees and supervisors alike can rest assured that privacy is protected and security maintained.

How can biometrics improve your time and attendance recording?

Mitrefinch can incorporate a range of biometric devices into your time and attendance system.  These can be used as the sole means of registering attendance, or used to verify identity in combination with a swipe or fob card which must be used to gain access to pre-approved areas.


Key Benefits

  • Prevents the borrowing of cards to gain access to controlled areas
  • Reduces time and attendance fraud, prevents‘buddy punching’- where one employee clocks on for another
  • Can be used for identity verification- to ensure that the person using the card is the person authorized to use it
  • Protects employees’ security- copies of scans are not stored and cannot be retrieved from the terminals



By simply placing their finger on the biometric scanners, employees can easily register their arrivals and departures which can be easily viewed, managed, and analyzed within the software system.

Our biometric systems store only templates, not actual fingerprints, protecting individual as well as improving security.

Biometric terminals are designed and manufactured by Mitrefinch, offering maximum flexibility in design and excellent after sales support.  


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