What do you get with the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System?

The Mitrefinch Time & Attendance monitoring system is easy to use, effective, and efficient. It is a simple and hassle-free approach to ensuring fair practices at the workplace and reducing overpayment or other costly payroll errors. Having said that, here’s a quick breakdown of the individual features and benefits you get with your Mitrefinch Time & Attendance monitoring system:


  • Optimized labor costing – Operate efficiently within budget by optimizing labor costs through effective workforce management and planning.
  • Simplified scheduling – Customize your Mitrefinch system to add/change/remove information about production cycles, work shifts, working patterns, vacation, and more. Quickly create work schedules based on the updated information.
  • Reduced absenteeism and increased punctuality – Get quantitative daily absenteeism and time reports from your Mitrefinch system. Use the information to find and address problem areas, and create an efficient workforce.
  • Improved remote working – Get time and attendance data of both in-house teams and employees who work remotely to boost with our host of on- and off-site technologies.
  • Easy, convenient reporting – Get workable reports on everything you monitor at a time and frequency you prefer. Use automatic scheduling for email integration of reports. Use insights from the report to improve workforce decisions.
  • Easy, convenient HR and payroll integration – Export data and information pertaining to number of hours worked directly to HR and payroll, thereby eliminating risks related to errors and data double entry.
  • Manage regulatory compliance – Adhere to FSLA and FMLA laws as well as all state, federal, and industry compliance policies, thereby eliminating the risk of legal troubles and court cases or fines. 



Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences              HR                  Mobile                Labor              Biometrics


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Time and Attendance Biometric Clocking Terminal

Our Biometric clocking terminals created with Lumidigm multispectral sensors allow you to take advantage of increased security and increased accuracy.

• Fingerprint templates, not actual fingerprints, are stored as algorithms. This protects privacy as well as improves security.

• Prevents borrowing of cards to gain access to controlled areas as well as “buddy punching” – where one employee clocks in for another


Time and Attendance Desktop Biometric Clock Station

Employees can clock in at their own computer or a communal PC with an application and PC biometric clocking device.

• Provides a biometric option for locations with less staff

• Provides full functionality at a lower cost than a full biometric clocking station


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Time and Attendance Proximity Terminal

Our Proximity clocking terminal allow various input methods to record the arrivals and departures of employees.

• Key Fob/cards

• ID badges

• Keypad pin entry


Time and Attendance Desktop Proximity Clock Station

Employees can clock in at their own computer or a communal PC with an application and PC proximity clocking device.

• Provides a clocking option for locations with less staff

• Provides full functionality at a lower cost than a full proximity clocking station


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Web Based Time and Attendance

The Mitrefinch Self- Service option is a web-based application allowing employees to clock in and out and manage their time via the web.

• Employees can request time off and clock onto specific jobs or tasks via Mitrefinch TAS

• Managers can approve vacations and see real-time data on their employees’ work records

• No new software installation necessary


Outlook Email Time and Attendance Clocking

The Mitrefinch Outlook Add-In allows you to clock in and out directly through your email. Seamlessly interact with certain TMS features all in the comfort of your Microsoft Outlook Inbox.

• View recent clockings, hours allocated to certain projects, and submit vacation requests directly from outlook.

• Managers can see the Onsite list, approve requests and synchronize the Absence Profile with the Outlook calendar.


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Time and Attendance Mobile Clocking

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software allow employees to track their own clockings and more from any location using a web-enabled smart phone/tablet at any time.

• Staff can clock in/out of tasks or projects anywhere with a smartphone/tablet.

• GPS technology is used via the mobile phone /tablet to give an accurate position of the employee when they were clock in and out.

• Supervisors can view an employee onsite list in real-time as well as clock in specific groups of employees directly from their device.


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