HR Self Service

Our self service feature is a huge time-saver for human resources. It allows employees to update and control their personal information - subject to supervisor authorization - in the company system. You can avoid duplication of effort, save time and empower employees.

Features of Mitrefinch self-service

The system integrates employee personal information, training, probation and disciplinary records in one location. Employees can review and update their personal details, such as address and certifications, without having to first go through the HR. Supervisors and managers can also enter relevant data, such as performance reviews, without relying on HR staff each time.

As a single point of access for leaves and vacation records, the system also assists with vacation planning and absence management. Employees can view their vacation and sick leaves balance, and make leave requests from the same portal, saving both time and effort.

Convenient reporting, internal evaluations and audits

Our software offers powerful reporting to help you understand impact, analyze performance, and plan for the future. Besides generating reports in default PDF, you can choose from a selection of different outputs.

Automatic email notifications are triggered for every request, rejection or authorization, helping maintain a readily-available system of records for accurate audits.

Use the mail merge feature for mass mailing and personalized form letters.

Our TMS.NET and HR.NET solutions are available as separate modules or integrated solutions. For more information, please fill the form below.

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