Mitrefinch HR Management Software

The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System serves as a central repository of employee data, from contract details, benefits and compensation, to vacations, training and qualifications. You enter information only once and update at one place. As your business grows and HR faces the task of handling large-volume employee data, the need for a single, integrated system for employee records, meaningful analysis, reporting and audits becomes apparent.

Our flexible, easy-to-use HR management software can be easily integrated into your processes exactly how you want it. You can configure the system for role-based access control. That means some users can only access and read documents and reports, while others can edit and modify.

Key benefits:

  • View all historical data by screen or field
  • Configure the system with additional screens and fields
  • Generate reports and create documents such as personalized form letters with integration of the mail merge feature.
  • Set pop-up reminders for various activities in the workflow
  • Add digital files in any format into the system for comprehensive tracking of employee records and communications.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Outlook's Tasks feature


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences             Mobile                Labor              Biometrics


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Our software offers powerful reporting to help you understand impact, analyze performance, and plan for the future. Besides general standard reports, you can choose to create reports on literally anything you are tracking within the Mitrefinch system. Whether managers need a quick update on when contracts are ending or when certain qualifications are up, a report can be generated on the spot.

Any information needed can be printed, emailed or exported as required. Management can receive certain reports automatically and changes to the automation and report requirements can be manipulated quickly and easily within the system.

As the system can be configured to have role-based access, alerts can be sent when a report indicates a company policy was violated or there is a compliance issue. With real-time insight to your organization, the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System has the reporting capabilities to keep you informed on all aspects of your organization when you need it.

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Let Mitrefinch HR Management hold all your employee information in one secure place. Reduce your reliance on paper-based processes. Leverage automation to save time, reduce risk of error, and improve HR effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • View all historical employee data by screen or field Track and lodge any disciplinary actions needed
  • Set pop-up reminders for various activities in the workflow
  • Add digital files in any format into the system for comprehensive tracking of employee records and communications.
  • All employee processes can be tracked and analyzed, ensuring compliance of all laws and company specific regulations

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Easily manage compliance tracking within the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System. The system allows you to adhere to FSLA and FMLA laws, as well as any industry specific compliance policies, thereby eliminating the risk of legal troubles and court cases or fines.

The Mitrefinch system will update any changing compliance issues and you have the ability to change any company regulations as your processes change, allowing you to always stay current and within the law.

Ensuring all your employee leave time is properly stored and updated within the Mitrefinch system frees up all the admin work required to manually process the information. Since all the regulations are configured for your specific organization, alerts will be sent out to the appropriate personnel whenever a problem crops up.

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