Skills Management

How do you build your most effective team? What skill gaps are missing? What training needs to be refreshed or updated?


Mitrefinch's skills and ranking tools can help you manage your talent more effectively - ensuring you have the best team on hand to meet your business goals and provide the level of customer service that you need to stay competitive.


The Skills Matrix, lists employees by organization, department, team or shift and shows the skills of each member of the group. Users can update skills and training and be notified when an employee requires additional or certification expiry dates and search for employees currently on site with a specific skills set.


Key Benefits and Features


• Ensure skilled cover during vacations, sick leave and other planned and unplanned absences


• Quickly, easily and immediately identify employees with particular skills


• Ensure shifts, departments and teams are covered with the correct skilled employees


• Assess strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments as needed


• Using current data, plan for future requirements


• Identify training needs and ensure that training and certifications are up to date



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