Mitrefinch Employee Scheduling Software

The Mitrefinch Employee Scheduling Software allows complex staff schedules to be created easily using pay rates, availability, and predefined skills.  It allows managers to efficiently schedule their staff and manage their workforce effectively. Eliminate manual scheduling and ensure ideal labor coverage every time.  

When working schedules and arrangements are mapped out in advance, it gives employees the flexibility and control to plan their personal time around professional commitments. Your managers are also better poised to react quickly to changes in schedule to prevent downtime and productivity loss. Surveys have shown that employees in flexible working arrangements are more engaged and satisfied in comparison to peers who find themselves in environments where there's frequent over-coverage or under-coverage.


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


       Absences              HR                  Mobile                Labor              Biometrics


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Optimal Employee Scheduling Automation

Complex employee schedules can be completed quickly and easily based on the information within the Mitrefinch TMS system.  Using the various pay rates, skills, and availability, schedules can be optimally created to meet your predefined budget needs.  The automated system takes the effort out of manually creating a schedule that meets the needs of your business and team.

A unique auto solve feature assigns various, suitable employees to vacant job positions based on your own specific set of rules.  You can define constraints to ensure that only employees with the appropriate skills, availability and existing shift patterns are selected.

Key Benefits:

  • Better cost management
  • Improves efficiency, eliminates tedium
  • Enhances workforce productivity
  • Better workload and staff forecasts
  • Helps ensure legal compliance


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Mitrefinch Skills Management Matrix

Mitrefinch's skills and ranking tools remove the effort and guesswork out of extracting strategic value from existing employee skills. Leverage them to build high-performance teams and sharpen your competitive edge. Our skills management solutions go many steps ahead of traditional task maps by providing analytics and notifications on training and certification updates, effectively manage absenteeism, and planning skills usage for future requirements.

The Skills Matrix provides a top-level view of skills across the organization, teams, departments, or shifts. You have all the variables before you to conduct assessments and make appropriate decisions on workforce planning for projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure shifts, departments and teams are covered with skilled employees
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments as needed
  • Using current data, plan for future requirements
  • Identify training needs and ensure that training and certifications are up to date
  • Quickly, easily and immediately identify employees with particular skills
  • Ensure skilled cover during vacations, sick leave and other planned and unplanned absences


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With Mitrefinch Employee Scheduling, managers and employees are able to update their own availability for work shifts at any time, from any location, via Self Service.They can also confirm their availability for upcoming shifts when they receive a request via email. This ensures that you always have the latest staff information at hand when building your schedules.

During busy periods, supervisors can set leave slots to restrict the number of employees that can be absent for a particular group, department or team. Once the allocated number of leave slots have been filled, employees will no longer be able to book absence on that particular date.

Key Features:

  • Empowers your employees to request leave, shift and work record changes themselves, subject to supervisor authorization.
  • Future Work Planner allows set conditions to be defined in your schedules, recognizing potential problems before they become an issue.
  • If an unavailable employee is scheduled, the system will alert the appropriate supervisor and send out replacement requests.
  • Multiple shift patterns can be easily managed, allowing various work rules and regulations to be configured within the system.


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The Mitrefinch Employee Scheduling System can be programmed to notify you of potential problems, such a shift budget exceeding or not enough available employees to fill the required shifts.  The auto solve function will automatically fill required shifts as needed. 

Mitrefinch Employee Ranking allows you to build the perfect team to cover a particular shift or schedule. Filter your employee pool according to the parameters you see as important; proximity to work, pay rates, the right blend of skills or training requirements.  Open shift notifications can be sent out automatically to the entire organization or only to the specific employees that qualify.

Key Features:


  • Automatically recognizes coverage issue and solves within your custom parameters
  • Easier communications with employees about shift availability and requests
  • Reduction of Admin
  • Task automation


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