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Absenteeism can have both financial and non-financial implications for your business. Keeping track of employees can be difficult. At Mitrefinch, we strive to give you full visibility of employee absences. Mitrefinch Absence Management Software allows you to adapt your staffing and business around planned and even unplanned absences. Mitrefinch software can track, in real-time, who is absent and when they shouldn’t be, allowing your company to take prompt action to tackle the issue.

Although a sick day here and there may not seem like much to an employee, the disruption that this generates can be widespread. Cover will need to be found for the shift, which could mean bringing in other team members who had previously had the day off. Temporary staff may be hired which means much higher pay rates - and these individuals will often require some level of training in order to carry out the work. In addition, the time spent by members of management or HR in dealing with scheduling changes could better be used in other ways. The Mitrefinch system can be set up with unlimited absence codes to represent all the different types of absences allowing managers to identify trends and recurring absences.

Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


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The intuitive Mitrefinch Absence Tracking software can be configured with as many absence codes as you require to represent all the various leave types available. This way you can track, report, and analyze which absence codes are occurring across all your departments, teams, and locations.

Supervisors have instant access to employees’ absences and have the ability to report on any trends that may be happening. Planned, unplanned, sick, vacation, and all other leaves are easily managed within the system. Real-time absence profiles are given to each individual employee.

Employees and supervisors have the ability to access these profiles and check on their available absences and how many times any absences have occurred. Absence profiles for groups of employees can also be retrieved from the system. This makes it easy to see whether certain team absence profiles are contributing to any organizational results.

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The Mitrefinch Absence Management Software is configured to automatically ensure that leave adheres to company, federal, state, local, and industry regulations mitigating the risk for costly fines and penalties.

Employees can request leave by logging into the system, where it can be reviewed for approval by management. If approved, it is directly entered into the system, giving both employees and management instant, real-time visibility.

Leave Slots

Leave slots allow management to limit how many staff members can be off on a given day or time period. Employees cannot request any absence once that limit has been reached. This functionality eliminates under staffing during specific periods of time, especially useful during any holiday seasons or high organizational peaks.

A supervisor can also restrict the number of absences that can be booked by a particular team or group profile within the system. Employees are alerted when they try and book over restricted periods and must try booking over a different period.

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The Mitrefinch Absence Management System allows for as many absence codes as your organization requires. As entitlements between employees may vary, everything is automated and updated as they use their time off, ensuring accurate records every time. This way management doesn’t have to manually input any absence information and all the employee absence profiles stay up to date. The system is programmed to alert management if any issues arise.

By automating the accrual and time off process, your HR department can rest assured that all the information is accurate and available in real-time. 

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Manually tracking all paid time off and the FMLA entitlements of all your employees, among other absences isn’t fun! With Mitrefinch Absence Management Software you can rest assured that all the entitlements are and eligibility for the various leaves are tracked, ensuring compliance to regulations.

All individual employees’ information is placed into the system and their FMLA eligibility is determined. As the system is set up to automatically track the entire organizations use of FMLA, there is no more worry about whether it is being tracked and used to comply legally. Alerts and letters can be sent to each individual employee should a compliance issue come up, reducing any risk of human error.

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