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Three Ways Time & Attendance Systems Improve Business for Employers in the Transportation & Logistics Industry

For businesses operating within the transportation and logistics industry, workforce plays a key role in productivity and profitability. Industry-wide studies reveal that approximately 67 percent of the total staff working with a transportation or logistics employer is directly responsible for delivering service and consequently, driving revenue.

When it comes to managing workforce, a lot is at stake already, not just for you but other business owners as well. For over70 percent companies across industries, workforce is the single most primary concern, accounting for the bulk of operating expenses. The stakes are higher when it comes to the transportation and logistics industry because about two-thirds of the workforce directly impacts business success and bottom line.

With so much at stake, take no chance with workforce management

In an ideal world, workforce management would be simple. Employees arrive at the workplace on time, perform the job assigned to them, and then leave on time. At the end of the month, you review their total days present or total hours worked and hand them a well-deserved paycheck. Unfortunately, this is not that world.

Conditions in the transportation and logistics industry are far from perfect. Frequent absenteeism, wrong timekeeping, buddy punching, high turnover – employers have to navigate a complex web of daily crises and still end up losing money due to workforce management-related problems such as missed delivery deadlines, poor quality service and more, even overpayment.

Yes, you read that right – overpayment. Results from an American Payroll Institution survey reveal that 75 percent of U.S. employers chronically overpay their employees as a result of inaccurate timekeeping. 25 percent employees within a typical organization are buddy punchers and employers lose 18 days' worth of wages on each buddy-punching employee every month. Who knew?

The woes of ineffective workforce management do not end here. Frequent absenteeism, abuse of sick leaves, and unexpected leaves are everyday problems that hurt order processing, delivery schedule and other key functions of transportation and logistics company, thereby reducing productivity, profitability, and general goodwill among customers.

And this is exactly why you want to take no chances with workforce management. Mitrefinch is the pioneer and leading global producer of automatic time & attendance management systems with superior levels of built in flexibility and customizability. There are many benefits employers reap as a direct result of their investment in a Mitrefinch time and attendance system. Our growing family of cross-border, transnational clients from the logistics and transportation industry are proof of just that

Three ways  the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System improves your business

1. Increased productivity

The Mitrefinch time & attendance system provides accurate employee, machine, and project data, which you can leverage to plan and schedule work efficiently. The intelligent system also draws report about the suspected leave/timekeeping abuse of employees, allowing you to address the situation before it becomes a larger problem. You can use the information to optimize scheduling and get the most from your employees.

2. Higher savings

Because the timekeeping is accurate and tamper-proof, you do not lose money through overpayment. The Mitrefinch time and attendance system is designed to help you with labor costing, HR and payroll processing, and salary dispensation. Because it is an automatic system, there is no risk of costly manual errors such as data double entry. The Mitrefinch time and attendance system also incorporates the latest state, federal and union compliance requirements, allowing you to incur further cost savings.

3. Better morale

With the Mitrefinch time and attendance system, you can develop a culture of fair pay at your organization. Employees feel they are paid well, without mistakes, and in compliance with the latest wage and compensation rules. This improves morale, boosts productivity, and reduces turnover as well

The Mitrefinch time and attendance system can do several other things for you and your business. Get started today to cut losses and build profits ASAP.


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