What a Time & Attendance System can do for you

Typical businesses in the healthcare industry are characterized by large size and complexity of both work and workforce. While most employers from other industries can enjoy a small, close-knit workforce with consistent, easy-to-track job schedules, few employers in the healthcare industry have the same privilege. And these few employers are the only ones who can do without a time and attendance system. For everyone else it's a must.


Don't believe us? Maybe you'll believe the numbers.


• The American Payroll Association has found that 75 percent of American employers typically lose 18 hours' worth of wage (per employee) every month because about 25 percent of their hourly-waged employees steal time by exaggerating their hours worked, or by clocking in and out for their friends. To put that in perspective, if you employ 100 hourly-waged workers, about 25 of them are stealing time and you are losing 18 hours' worth of wage on each 25 of them in every month.

• Software Advice has found that 43 percent of hourly-wage workers commit time theft, using an array of malpractices. Inaccurate timekeeping being the number one most commonly used method, followed closely by wasting time by doing personal work; spending company time in finishing personal chores; and buddy punching for absent friends or friends who are not working at the moment.


Now that's something you really can't ignore, isn't it?

Put simply, a time and attendance system can help you keep track of both work and workforce in real-time to ensure there is no malpractice. With a reliable time and attendance tracking system you can:

• Precisely track hours, to the extent of defining when an employee is working and when they are not

• Get real-time data about the work being done (who is doing it, in which department, how much has been completed, how much is pending)

• Optimize labor costing with reliable timekeeping data

• Automate much of payroll processing and eliminate costly errors related to overtime and overpayment

• Get powerful insight into the leave 'habits' of your employees through time and attendance reports that highlight leave abuse patterns

• Use the insights to optimize job scheduling and boost productivity


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