Easily manage multiple departments, complex staff schedules, and absences


The Mitrefinch Workforce Management system is designed to handle multiple departments, and as many locations and sites as you will ever need, along with mobile, home, and remote workers. Individual and group time sheets can be viewed in real time so you can instantly see where all your staff members are and, if you are supervising offsite facilities, you can access this information from any location. By generating valuable reports including general attendance, overtime, absence, and vacations to ensure optimum productivity levels, Mitrefinch will provide you with all the information needed to manage your workplace more effectively.


The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can help your business:


• Improve punctuality, minimize absenteeism, and eliminate unauthorized overtime


• Monitor the efficiency of your workforce


• Ensure that labor demands are met with automated scheduling


• See when and where workers clock in and out, making it easier to manage your remote workforce with real time data


• Adhere to complex and ever-changing legislation, thereby reducing penalties and costly legal issues


• Analyze labor trends to make better decisions and meet goals


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