How Time & Attendance Systems Improve Business for Employers in the Food and Beverage Production Industry

Indeed, employees are an organization's biggest asset. Businesses across industries rely on their workforce for meeting business goals; some more than others. Companies within the food and beverage production industry belong to the former group that relies heavily on its workforce for production, profitability, and sustainability. It's easy to see why.

The problem with food and beverage production industry

The food and beverage production industry is marked by rapid fluctuations in demand and supply, due to an array of factors including seasonal changes, holidays and special occasions, food or diet fads, and special promotions or new product launches to name a few. Businesses operating within this industry rely on their workforce to stay operative and profitable amidst the fluctuations.

Unfortunately, the generic workforce of this industry is rife with absenteeism and departure, making reliability difficult. Companies are often left in the lurch as employees abuse sick leaves or take unplanned leaves; misuse manual timekeeping logs (via budding punching or by clocking in more time than they actually work); and ultimately turn over in large numbers due to several factors ranging from loss of motivation or dissatisfaction to personal reasons.

Managers and supervisors must firefight workforce management every day. They must cover absenteeism by paying overtimes to available employees. They must reschedule projects or reallocate work on spot every morning because someone is absent without prior notice. They must move deadlines or bear the brunt of missed deadlines. It's a disaster.

 And it's severely detrimental to the organization on the whole as well. Haphazard internal operations, increased overtime pay, reduced productivity, missed deadlines, unhappy customers, shrinking bottom line and dwindling reputation! And these mind you, are the problems associated with frequent absenteeism and high turnover only.

You don't even want to get started on the problems created by employees who misuse or manipulate timekeeping. The American Payroll Association has found that 75 percent of U.S. employers lose 18 days' worth wages a month on an average, on every employee buddy-punching employee. And how many employees buddy punch? Roughly 25 percent of the total at your organization!

Then there are employees who clock in more hours than they actually work, skimming you off money in their own way. The more you think of it, the murkier things get. “There has got to be a better way” you want to scream. Fortunately, there is. There is a better way of workforce management.

And it starts with Mitrefinch

Automated Time & Attendance Tracking System from Mitrefinch (Mitrefinch TMS) is the one elixir for all your workforce management problems in the food and beverage production industry. It is a feature-packed, state-of-the-art system that uses secure, tamper-proof technology to capture employee timekeeping data. The data can be exported and shared with other departments, including HR and Payroll to cut losses due to buddy punching, prevent undue overpayment, eliminate costly errors in salary processing and to optimize labor costing.

Mitrefinch is the pioneer of automated time and attendance system, providing significant edge to food and beverage industry employers who use the system. Understandably therefore, hundreds of thousands of food and beverage production businesses across Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, and North America use the efficient, cost-effective, and supremely customizable Mitrefinch TMS to get accurate and reliable timekeeping data.

However, what's noteworthy is that reduced expenditures and higher savings are not the only benefits they derive out of their Mitrefinch system. Users have been able to see tangible and statistically significant improvements in their productivity and profitability.

This is because the accurate and reliable timekeeping and project/operations information allows employers to gain valuable insight into the quality and capability of individual employees. This helps them utilize employees to their maximum potential, thereby boosting daily production figures and productivity. Aligning workforce resources with demand and availability becomes easy and so does managing products or scheduling production to meet deadlines.

Errors in payroll processing are eliminated ensuring there is no delay or error in paying overtime, rewards, and bonuses to employees according to their time and effort. The concept of “fair pay” sets in, improving employee morale, which has a direct impact on productivity, job satisfaction, and turnover.

Want more? You won't be disappointed. There are several other things a Mitrefinch time and attendance system can do for you, to boost business and productivity. Read more to find out how


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