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Why you need a Time & Attendance System ASAP

A time and attendance system allows employers to monitor, record and keep track of when employees start and stop work. But that's not all. It also allows employers to monitor the types of work performed; the amount of work performed, say the number of items produced; plus the department in which the work was performed. But that's not all. With a time and attendance system, employers can also track and record when work is not performed – breaks, family and medical leave time, vacation time, jury duty and the actual compensation time.

To put it in one sentence – a time and attendance management system makes workforce management more efficient (and significantly easy) for employers. That's a reason good enough to motivate you into employing one at your construction and engineering business. But it's not the only one. Especially when it comes to the construction and engineering industry. In fact, as a construction and engineering employer, your need for a time and attendance system is higher.

Wait, but why?

• Because as many as 43 percent of your employees commit time theft by exaggerating the time for which they worked during their shift. (Source: Software Advice 2015 survey)

• Because 25 percent of these employees do so regularly; they inflate their work hours in 76 to 100 percent of the time.

• Because you likely employ a large and diverse workforce – architects, engineers, engineering technicians, supervisors, construction laborers, and carpenters to name a few; your losses will multiply quickly unless you have an accurate system of timekeeping in place.


“But how can I be sure whether or not my employees commit time theft?”


You can't without actually purchasing and using a time and attendance system. And it's understandable that you do not want to invest in a quality time and attendance system if there is no need for it. But consider this: The American Payroll Association has found that roughly 75 percent of U.S. employers make losses due to employee time theft. Are you absolutely sure that you are one of the 25 percent?

Given the large number of contract employees, job sites, remote locations and other factors characteristic of the construction and engineering workforce, the stakes are high. You will be losing more time, more productivity, and more profits because of time theft. You do not want to risk it.

Therefore, unless you are one-hundred percent sure your employees are not stealing time, you need a time and attendance system ASAP.

Benefits of using a time and attendance system for your construction & engineering business

The Software Advice survey found that 45 percent of employees use exaggerated timekeeping for time theft. 43 percent engage in personal activities during work time, thereby cheating on the time for which you are paying them. 42 percent kill time with frequent breaks. And 23 percent engage in buddy punching.

A time and attendance system can help you monitor, record, and keep track of each of those things. It is designed for accurate timekeeping, for measuring the amount of work performed, for keeping track of meal times and breaks, for tracking absenteeism, and more. It's easy to see the benefits you will receive by employing a time and attendance system then, isn't it?

Impressed? Don't be just yet. A time and attendance system can also help you with scheduling, labor costing, HR function and payroll processing, regulatory compliance and a host of other benefits

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