About Mitrefinch

Who are we?

Mitrefinch LLC has developed a reputation as a leading innovator in workforce time and attendance management for medium to large size organizations, building on over 30 years of excellence globally. We employ the very best in biometric fingerprint and web-based technology to integrate with our comprehensive suite of workforce management solutions.

Every customer is different, so our systems are designed to fit your business and the way you work. Workforce Management Systems incorporate automated Time & Attendance Tracking, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Employee Scheduling , HR Management, Time Allocation, Absence Management, Self Service Tools, and Cloud Solutions.

Who we work with?

Mitrefinch LLC serves over 3,500 clients across a broad range of business sectors - from energy companies in North America, to airlines in Europe, and rice plantations in Papua New Guinea! These organizations vary in size from just 50 employees to multi-national and public sector customers who may have a diverse workforce of thousands.

About Mitrefinch Worldwide

Mitrefinch LLC is a leading developer of Workforce Management and HR Solutions. More than three decades ago, Mitrefinch LLC developed the first ever computerized employee time and attendance system, revolutionizing the way business leaders collect, track, and manage employee data.

Our continuous investment, in research, and development ensure ongoing improvements and breakthroughs so Mitrefinch’s time and attendance system remain cutting edge. The end result is reduced costs, increased productivity, better decision-making, improved employee satisfaction, and alignment with organizational objectives.

Our system can be deployed as both a Windows® and a Web-based solution, and it integrates with a suite of products, giving a total solution adapted to each individual customer's needs.

Worldwide, Mitrefinch LLC serves over 3,500 clients from all business sectors and varying in size from only a few dozen employees to many thousands.

Mitrefinch LLC has offices across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We are committed to delivering world-class products which are great value for money, across the globe.


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